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HTML Question

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HTML Question

par amers » Mer Juin 07, 2017 11:57 pm


I work as a Network Operation Center Engineer (NOC), we have many web-based dashboards that we monitor incidents.

I have thought to summarize all the same dashboards (based on their functions) to save time and efforts.

I used python to login to these dashboards to parse them, getting only the errors/incidents and then summarizing them into tables.

Each table has headers like (Alarm name, alarm time,alarm details, etc.)

The tables made using HTML, and I want to add a new column named "NOC Comments", where my mates can put their remark/comments for alarms, so we can know that this alarm for example is informed or not.

My question is what programming language that I need to build the "NOC Comment" box for each row (alarm).

Appreciate your kind support.
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Re: HTML Question

par typomaniac » Lun Août 21, 2017 1:41 pm

Add another <th> at the top of the column to enter the name of the column (you can do it just as easily with a <td> tag. Specify your width and make sure any cospan attributes are correct.
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