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correct way to list a link

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correct way to list a link

par lombardyjim » Dim Juin 17, 2018 5:12 am

I am a bit confused as to how to write the html code that would link to another html page, which would be listed on the main page of a website. I have four pages to refer to by hitting on a link in the header, but DON'T know how to write the link so it goes to the page mentioned. Say, I have a page called "about", as a separate html page. In the unordered link table, HOW is that code written? Confused, please help. Thanks!
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Re: correct way to list a link

par saracraw » Jeu Sep 06, 2018 8:10 am

Hello there. So you want to know how to link other pages of your website with the main page correct? Let's say you have about 4 pages of your website namely About us, Services, Contact us and Faqs ok. All of these categories or names are fixed on the top header part ( for example view this assignment writing service website for a visual preview) and this also mean that each category has its own page created in html format. You have to insert this html code for it <a href="link of the html page you want to go to">Name of the tab</a>, this is the default code. Lets say you have a page named about.html and you want to visit that page when you click the about us tab from your main page then this code will be written <a href="about.html">About Us</a>. I hope this should help you out.
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