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Slider with elements and fixed bar

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Slider with elements and fixed bar

par ikkiluca1975 » Jeu Juin 21, 2018 5:08 am

Hi everyone first!

I wanted to know if any of you are aware of a code already ready or if you can help me to develop something like in the picture.

In practice, the gray bar will contain elements such as logo and lettering and should always remain firm while below this should slide interactive slides in which there are six buttons at a time ...... I am a graphic I do not mean much programming ... can anyone help me?

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Re: Slider with elements and fixed bar

par Chikwado » Mer Août 15, 2018 11:35 am

To Make A Slide Show, Automatic Slide Show Or With Click Try: How To Make Slide Show (aka Googling)
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Re: Slider with elements and fixed bar

par taynguyenem » Lun Août 20, 2018 7:01 am

Hi there
You can fix to css of bar: position:fixed
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Preview site only Html:,

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