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Getting my Banner Image and Main Body Icons to Aligns

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Getting my Banner Image and Main Body Icons to Aligns

par CodingDumbass » Jeu Juin 21, 2018 5:03 pm

First off, here is what I am working on: ... Storefront

This is a work project, and I have no say in which web design service we use; we have to use this one as it is already paid for in full, despite how finicky and hard to control it us. It is called Digital Storefront.

Like it says in my thread title, my banner image and my icons below in the main body of the homepage do not always align. Sometimes it does, but it all depends on the width of the browser. All of our clients will be using a super wide browser on these super widescreen monitors we have at our college's campus, so its a big deal.

On our site settings, it has us define how many columns of icons we desire. In there I have it set to 3. It seems to do no good. On the Digital Storefront help forum I have a thread here about this: ... -amp-Align ... and as you can see, the two experts I'm conversing with there tell me I need to do something coding-wise. There are multiple coding pages that we are able to edit, but since these icons are what DSF considers to be "Categories" I went to the coding page called Categories.

To attempt this, I did some brief research on coding, and I concluded that this is most likely what I was needing:

<div class="container" style="width: 950px; margin: 0 auto;">

<div class="row-full">

and added 2 </div> tags at the bottom of the coding page to complete the html commands. The only thing this did was a bad thing; it caused a huge indent to all my rows of category icons.

The width of the site banner image is 960 pixels, which consequently is the exact width of three of those icon columns. If you make the banner image longer than 960 pixels, it automatically resizes it to 960 pixels wide, so making a banner image the width of 4 icon columns is not the way to go.

Another big factor in this: You cannot go back a step coding wise. In other words, you can't revert to the way you previously had it. Tech support, as well as this online forum for DSF I have will not help you if you somehow ruin things or do something destructive to your site, so changes to the coding pages are not recommended unless you are 1000% certain that what you are doing is right, which sucks for me because I don't have much of a feel for coding outside of super basic things. Its unfortunate this is reality, but like I said I had no control over this upon being hired.

Any other info I could include to you guys that would make helping me easier? Based on what you've read on my problem, so you know what I was doing wrong with my coding attempt, or perhaps does someone know a better method than what I'm doing?

Thanks a bunch for any help you guys are able to provide. Hope your Summers are going well.
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Re: Getting my Banner Image and Main Body Icons to Aligns

par Chikwado » Mer Août 15, 2018 12:02 pm

What Is The End Goal On Using A Banner At Webpage, I Think What You Need At Your Webpage Are Logo That Describe Company Name, Then Some Related Image.
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Re: Getting my Banner Image and Main Body Icons to Aligns

par natasha » Sam Sep 29, 2018 4:23 pm

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Rimjhim Khanna
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Re: Getting my Banner Image and Main Body Icons to Aligns

par Xahame » Dim Oct 28, 2018 7:26 pm

I had a similiar problem with my website's design but I think it's fine now. So about a few days ago I did a website redesign, check it out: What do you think about its design?
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Re: Getting my Banner Image and Main Body Icons to Aligns

par juansan » Mar Mars 26, 2019 2:57 pm

Your problem is use both class and style directive. Sometimes this cause problems, so I recommend you create a new class with the new style in order not to be problems with it.
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