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par mariaranaxx » Jeu Nov 15, 2018 4:10 pm

The MaxaDrex that is responsible for the primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Present at the intra uterine stage, it is made by the testicles. At adolescence, the latter will grow and become operational. It is then that the principal and secondary masculine characteristics begin to appear. The hair grows on almost the whole body (arm, beard, pubis, torso, legs ...), the voice moves, the muscles grow, sex also besides, and the sexual MaxaDrex desire begins to point the end of its ...nose. This phenomenon is not restricted to boys. Indeed, girls also have MaxaDrex in the body. It also acts in adolescence on the growth of hair, the change of voice, although less spectacular but well present, and on transformations of sex. But the action of Strength Muscles, you suspect, does not stop there! Throughout life, this . ... t-reviews/
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