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Issue with copy command

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Issue with copy command

par JLavigne » Ven Déc 01, 2017 6:37 pm

Good day,
I'm not an expert in html and coding, however I built a work tool that lets me click on text and it will add in the textarea box. I can then click on a "Copy" button and it adds it to the "clipboard". I can then use the copied text to add in a note or else.

This is a simplified and personalized version of on online tool at my work. My tool was saved on my desktop. The work tool for everyone is saved online on the tool server. My version stopped letting me copy the text added in the textarea box. However, it still works with the online version.

I'm assuming it is due to a change from our tech guys and it is possible that there is no fix for it, but would anyone have an idea how I could use my version of the tool from my desktop, or another location on the PC? Since it is not the official version I cannot put it online on our tool server... Or it could be due to a rollout to a java version or IE... very hard to tell. It just stopped working out of the blue.

Anyway, if someone has an idea that would be appreciate!! :)
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